Dyeing and Pigment Auxiliaries    


Functional Property Chemical Composition Application Functional Property
Levelling Agent

(Disperse Dye)

Ethoxylated Fatty Acid It is specialty dye leveling agent for applications of disperse dye on Polyester. It will improve dispersion stability of dye bath. At higher concentration, it acts as stripping and re-levelling agent.
Amphoteric Surfactance Excelent Levelling agent which covers barriness effectively Dispersing Levelling Agent
Aliphatic Polyglycol Ether It is a universal dispersing levelling and emulsifying agent for Naphthol dyeing, thermosol dyeing, acid colour dyeing and pigment printing. It can also be used for washing off dyeing on polyester/ wool. 
Anionic Sulphonic Acid Deivative   It is universal dispersing agent especially suitable for dyeing of polyester with disperse dyes, wool and silk with acid and metal complex dyes. 
Modified Condensation Product on Sulponic Acid Salt Excellent non-staining dispersing agent for the production of level dyed shades on polyester with disperses dyes in high temperature exhaust dyeing system. 
Levelling Agent Polyamide  Nitrogenous Condensate (Amphoteric)  It is excelent leveling agent for 1:2 metal comlex dyes. It is appropriate in dyeing of wool, silk and polyamide fiber in weakly acid bath (4-5) 
Anionic Acrylic Co-Polymer  Dispersing and sequestring agent and protective colloid in dyeing cotton and blends with vat, reactive, direct and sulphur dyes.  Dispersing Agent and Protective Colloid
Anionic Acrylic Co-Polymer   Modified sequestring dispersing and protective colloid in dyeing cottonabd synthetic fiber blends with vat, reactive, direct and sulphur dyes.
Acrylic Co-Polymer & Organic Compund Excellent Dispersing & Sequestring action which is beneficial in washing and soaping as well as in dyeing process. 
Dye Fixing  Nitrogenous Condensate High performance non-formaldehyde dye fixing agent to improve wash  fastness  of reactive and direct dyes.
Dicyandiamide Based  Formaldehyde based, high concentration cationic dye-fixing agent for achieving maximum fastness for direct and reactive dyes  
Polycationic  Excellent non-formaldehyde after treatment for improving the wet fastness properties of dyeings and prints produced with the reactive/ direct dyes on Cellulosic fibers and their blends. 
Phosphate Ester   Low faming wetting and deareating agent for contionous and semi- continous dyeing process. Deaerating Agent 
Polysiloxanes   Silicone oil emulsionfor controlling foam generated in high temperature/ shearing processing equipment. Antifoam
Alkyl Aryl Polyglycol Ether   Excellent emulsifier for keeping binder and pigment particles in finely disperse paste. pigment emulsion prepared on Alkyl Aryl Polyglycol Ether will give solvent free thickenings.  Emulsifier for Pigments 
Colour Improver  Combination of Surfactants  High performance acelerator for Steam fixation of disperses dye prints on polyester. It improves the colour yield due to higher fixation.
Sulphonated Oil Base  High performance antifrothing, wetting and penetrating agent for printing paste to improve print levelness and colour yield.
Fixer & Cross Linking Agent  Melamine Formaldehyde Resin  Cross-linking agent for improving the fastness of pigment prints to washing and rubbing on synthetic fibers and regenerated cellulose or blends with cotton.
pH Regulator  Blends of Organic Compound High performance, low foaming with excellent dispersing buffering and sequestering action during disperse dyeing on polyester.


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