Finishing Auxiliaries    



FINISHING AUXILIARIES                                                                                       

Functional Property Chemical Composition Application  
Cross-linking Agent DMDHEU Based  Polyfunctional reactive anti crease resin for cellulosic and synthetics and their blends use in rapid cure or shock cure finish application on stenter.
Smoothing Agent & Softener 
Fatty Acid Amide Cost efficient mild cationic concentrated (100%) softener for soft buttery handle to cotton and cellulosic/ synthetic blends. 
Cold Water Soluble Cationic Softener Cold water soluble cationic softener, which imparts and exclusive silky soft and fluffy handle to cellulosic, synthetic and their blends.
Reactive Softener Amide Based  Concentrated non-yellowing reactive softener specially ment for imparting wooly handle to natural and synthetic fabrics. It also moderate anti-static property and durable finishing. 
Cationic Softener
Fatty Acid Condensate  Concentrated non-yellowish cationic softener with excellent wash fastness. Neither it does affect the shade nor the fastness properties to light and wet treatment.   
Palm Ester Quat (Liquid)  Liquid cationic concentrated softener. Impart good softening and rewetting property (two hydrophobic chain). Also used for household and industrial application.  
Palm Ester Quat (Liquid)   Modified Liquid cationic concentrated softener. Impart good softening and rewetting property (two hydrophobic chain). Also used for household and industrial application.  
Hydrogenated Palm Ester Quat (Solid)   High Softening (two hydrophobic chain) with antistatic property.
Partially Hydrogenated Palm Ester Quat (Semisolid)   High Softening (two hydrophobic chain) with rewetting and antistatic property. 
Partially Hydrogenated Palm Ester Quat (Semisolid)    Modified Ester Quat to give high rewetting and excellent softness with antistatic effect.   
Nonionic Softener
Fatty Acid Derivative  Especially suitable for white good which impart a smooth handle of the desired softness. 
Fatty Acid Ester  Concentrated non-ionic softener, which can be easily diluted to require concentration. It gives smoothness and luster to woven and knitted fabric composed of cellulosic and their blends with synthetic fiber. 
Nonionic Emulsified Polyethylene Wax   Improves abrasion resistance and tear strength and sewability of knitted goods. applied together with cross-linking agent to enhance the property of anti creasing agent.
Amino Silicone Based Softener 
Polysiloxane with Amino Group  Concentrated eleastomeric silicon softener which impart soft handle and improves elasticity in cotton hosiery, polyester and blended fabrics. 
Polysiloxane with Amino Group   Modified nonyellowing siliconsoftener to give the extra smothness and resilient feel. It has low foam properties, which is suoitable for conventional as well as high turbulence padding application system.  
Polysiloxane with Amino Group   Modified APEO free Amino Silicone base softener in a concentrated form, redcommended for cotton, synthetics and their blends where the high degree of softness and silky feel is required.
Polysiloxane with Amino Group   Low foam hydrophilic silicon softener for cotton & it's blends to obtain a silky feel without imparting absorbency. 
Enzyme Based Biopolishing  Acid Cellulase   Cellulase enzyme specially designed to used for denium finishing and biopolishing of cotton and other cellulosics. It gives excellent and clean wash with very low colour cutting/ bright appearence. 


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