Pretreatent Auxiliaries    



PRETREATMENT AUXILIARIES                                              

Functional Property Chemical Composition Application  
Mercerize Wetting Agent Alkyl Sulphate Low foaming wetting agent for mercerizing and caustisizing cotton in the form of woven knitted fabric and yarn. It enhances rapid penetration of caustic solution in cotton.
Peroxide Stabilizer  
Inorganic Salt  It is an excellent & economical stabilizer for Hydrogen Peroxide. It will decrease the rate of decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide
Organic Salt Non silicate stabilizer for Hydrogen peroxide bleacing liquor to regulate the rate of release of Oxygen.   
Wetting & Re-wetting Agent   Dioctyl Sulphosuccinate   Powerful wetting and rewetting agent for package dyeing and continous dyeing of cellulosic by pigment padding.
Wetting Agent & Detergent Combination
Alkyl Polyglycol Ether Powerful nonionic wetting agent having excellent emulsifying properties. It is suitable for natural and synthetic fiber.
Fatty Alcohol Sulphate  An anionic wetting agent with excellent emulsifying dispersing and detergent property. Specialty scouring agent for wool and effective soaping agent for vat, sulphur and reactive dyes on cellulosic.  
Special Wetting & Re-wetting Agent  

Alkyl Polyglycol Ether APEO Free Cryptoanionic powerful wetting agent having excellent emulsifying properties. It is suitable for natural and synthetic fiber. 
Crypto - Anionic APEO FREE, cryptoanionic wetting agent with excellent detergent property. It is suitable for all types of fibers
Poly Condensate Special preparation auxiliary with excellent wetting & detergency properties and high stability in caustic / peroxide liquor. It has low foaming under high turine processing condition.   
Fatty Alcohol Blend Excellent Scouring agent for polyester family. Effective degreasing, wetting, stain removal and detergency action. 
Ether Carboxylate Excellent detergency with high wetting and dispersing power. It has effective carrying capacity for soil and fats from cellulosics and synthetic fibers. 


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