Sizing Auxiliaries    


SIZING AUXILIARIES                                                                
Functional Property Chemical Composition Application
Sizing Agent Water soluble polyacrylate Sizing agent for wrap yarn of polyester/ cellulosic blends. Suitable for high speed shuttle less looms and dyed yarn.
Water soluble polyacrylate & PVA emulsion Sizing agent for wrap yarn of cellulosic fibers and polyester/ cellulosic fiber blends. Suitable for terry towel and surgical fabrics.
Poly Condensate Outstanding softener recommend for wrap sizing having lubricating & emulsifying properties. Post waxing of size yarn with Poly Condensate reduces warp breaking & dropping and freedom from stitches
Desizing Agent Alpha Amylase An unique formulated enzyme system based on Alpha amylase to removal of size from grey fabric having starch, starch derivative or blends of synthetic size.


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